Miss Pennyblack's “READY FOR”:
are you ready to become a Dancing Queen?

You need the right outfit to dance all night. Have a look at our style guide and discover Linda Tol fashion tips to be dance floor-ready. From Fashion week to exclusive events, when it comes to parties, Linda tol is an expert:
1. Disco Night doesn’t mean “back to the 80’s”: be cool without overdoing it.
2. Say yes to minimalist outfits (better if black).
3. Play with accessories but avoid mixing. You have to choose: oversize earrings or necklace.
4. Check before whether it’s a themed party so you won’t wear a green at a white party.
5. 5. If you can’t do without high heels, leave flats at the wardrobe. You won’t end up walking barefoot at 3 am.

- Total black is going to be your first choice
- You just need one bold detail: leather pants or an animalier mini skirt
- Flat shoes or comfortable heels to dance till late

- A big no no to stretchy dresses
- Avoid sequins; they are too mainstream for the dancefloor
- Do not compromise: wear either long pants or a mini skirt

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